Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Search for Pre-nup Venue 1: Mall Car Park

I bought my Asus EeePc 1005ha pink notebook yesterday with my fiance, together with his niece "Gwen" , soon to be sis-in-law "Mya" and her boyfriend "Chris". It's Saturday and my fiance also have to go and check one of their projects site, Mya and Chris brought their SLR cameras to take some pictures . So since we have 2 photographers with us we took the opportunity to have a little "photo shoot session" in the car park.

They took a lot of pics,here's a sneak peek:

more pictures to follow... enjoy!


U.Pink said...

yeah, the visa is coming in october pa :(

ei, nice pre-nup photos! galing ng sis-in-law mo huh :D

and hey, congrats sa notebook mo.. pink? cool!

aybi said...

Love it!!!

landi landi!!! ng models and photographer!! hehehe!

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