Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dove, Butterfly or Sky Lantern?!?!?

Doves are often used in the Philippines as part of the wedding tradition. Since I was young I've been seeing doves in weddings and most often being chase by someone a to bring home hehehehe.... But a lot of changes happened in the past and there are more alternatives that we can choose from for this particular wedding tradition.

But what does this Dove thing really mean in a weddings?!?!?

White paired doves symbolizes the bride and groom as couples. It is believed that dove choose their life partner and make a commitment forever. White doves are also the symbol of Love, Purity ,Faithfulness, Prosperity and Peace that's why it should always be part of a wedding. When the doves are release, it said that they are starting a whole new life and journey together but not as individual but as a couple instead. But there's also a downside, sometimes doves can be messy... They tend to poop around the place ....

How about Butterfly release?!?!?!?

Butterfly release is getting popular these days in weddings, since doves can be messy I think it's a good alternative. Butterflies are known to elders as "wish keepers" according to American Indian Legend. For your wish to come true, you should catch a butterfly and whisper your wishes to it. As we know butterflies can make no sound so your wishes will be safe with them, it is believe that they can only share your wishes to this great spirit that can make all your wishes come true, like fairy god mother in a fairy tale... It the Philippines it's not very common but getting popular nowadays. But it's a little bit pricey compare to doves.

What about Sky Lantern ?!?!?!

Unique, Luxurious, Beautiful especially when release at night.... I first saw these Sky Lantern release in one of the most awaited secret wedding of Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo last April of this year. Since their wedding was held in a beach this is a good idea and the lantern design followed their wedding theme. The guest can also take part in the sky lantern release by lighting the lanterns. These sky lanterns are the original UK-patented quality. More and more fireworks outlets in the Philippines offer the sky lantern release services.


anna said...

You have full of ideas.

greedygirl1 said...

Hi just a word of caution about the butterfly release a co-worker recently experienced this at her brother's wedding in jamaica. She said all of the guest were given little envelops that contained butterfly but due to the heat and we assume the packaging by the time they opened for the release most of the butterflies had died. the moment went from beautiful to horrified very quickly

Anna Christina said...

I'm sure you're busy with last minute preparations for your upcoming wedding but maybe you could help out a fellow bride-to-be. :)
I have my heart set on the sky lanterns but don't know where to source them locally for reasonable prices.
Would you know where I an start looking?


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