Friday, October 2, 2009

Themed Wedding

6 months to go before our big day.... I'm so excited for our wedding... I have a lot of ideas popping out of my mind but it's not easy to make all of those things possible. As I mentioned in my early post , we're going to have a Black and White wedding themed. It's not very common in the Philippines to have this kind of theme or color motif because Filipino's are known to have many superstitious beliefs and black for instance is not a good luck color especially for weddings, but I don't believe on those things, it's just a color and people don't just rely their destiny on colors hehehe... Well everytime we attend a bridal fair or inquire for a supplier, the usual question they ask is our theme or color motif, and whenever we say Black and White they always have this face of shock or confusion but some people find it unique. These days black and white wedding motif is getting popular but I hope it wouldn't be so popular until my wedding day hehehe...

I've seen a lot and different kinds of wedding theme that are really fun and interesting. Here are some of the Themed Wedding I saw online:


The Couple

With their Entourage

The Couple in Black & White

Star Wars Cake Toppers


Choc-nut Wedding Theme

Couple Caricature for Invites

Choc-nut and Coffee cup Save the Date Cards

Coffee Cup Themed Cake


Beach Wedding Ceremony

Beach Wedding Invitation

Beach Wedding Favors


SwitSexyThing said...

hi. i have a wedding site too. exchange links?

dlysen said...

Congrats kapatid, Nice wedding proposal. Are you shocked? you look very happy.

bingkee said...

Congrats .....It's true that we Filipinos have superstitious beliefs. Personally, I don't believe in them . But you know what? I have a friend who got married in an all-black themed wedding----her wedding gown was black and all of her entourage. It looked like a wedding funeral. Two months later, her husband was shot in a robber y incident in their house. We all believed that her black wedding was like an omen to his husband's death.
Kaya sometimes, I believe in some superstitions.
But yours will be a black and white, so nothing to worry. Besides here in America, I've seen black-and-white themed weddings on reality TV shows such as "Whose Wedding is it Anyway?" and nothing like a scary incident happened naman.

Ish Diamante said...

Hi bingkee, thanks for visiting my blog, The black wedding incident... that was really scary... anyway as for me since I'm an INC (Iglesia ni Cristo) member we don't really believe on those things, if something bad might happen I think it destined to happen and the wedding motif have nothing to do with it. by the way you have a nice blog... thanks for dropping by...

Edna / HandmadeDiva said...

A black and white theme sounds so unique, beautiful, and interesting. I love your idea. Many happy, happy years together for you and your future husband.

The Beauty Writer said...

Black is elegant. I wanted pink and black myself but decided on chocolate brown later on because we like chocolates =)

My brother played for Isa Litton's wedding (the Star Wars one). If you're still looking for a string quartet, try getting Theodore Amper and The Manila String Machine (just Google it, lalabas na yung site niya) =D

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