Friday, October 30, 2009

My On-the-day Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is a team or a group of people who are a valuable aid when it comes to planning your special day. Bridal consultant or wedding coordinators are the tittles that is usually use in this kind of profession. You may choose from different kinds of wedding coordination depending on your needs. There's usually 3 types of coordination, these are "Full coordination" , "Semi-coordination" and the most popular "On-the-day Coordination".
Full wedding coordination usually starts from 6 months to 1 year before the wedding. These includes almost all of the wedding preparation. From planning the budget, church search, reception venue, appointments with various suppliers and even assisting little wedding details. These kind of service or planning is popular for overseas brides who needs someone to make the foot work for them. These is also the most expensive service among the 3 coordination.
Semi-coordination is done when the couple have already signed contract to various suppliers and vendors but still needs assistance to take over the details and make necessary follow-ups for their most special day.
Finally, the On-the-day event coordination. This is the service that we need since I'm a hands-on bride and I want to make all the decisions for our wedding (I mean "us,we,me and my H2b" hehehe). This service is done when the bride and groom already signed contracts with their suppliers but would like someone to oversee the wedding day arrangement and make sure that everything that they worked for will run smoothly and stress free specially for the bride.

In my case we booked Your Events Coordination and I took their on-the-day wedding coordination services. I first met Ms. Hencel Barrio (The head coordinator) last June in Trinoma when they joined a bridal fair. Since then I've beem eying them because of the services that they offer. Their coordination includes 2 meetings before the wedding day, it's 2 months before and 2 week before the wedding. Their service also include the following:

  • Wedding Checklist and templates to guide the couple in preparing for their big day.
  • Supplier Coordination
  • Wedding preparation Assistance at the dressing venue.
  • Church Processional Management
  • Guest Reception Management
  • Gift registry management
  • Program Management
  • Pictorial flow management
  • Technical check-up and reception venue management
  • Games facilitation, including props and prizes
  • Album / Signature frame turnover facilitation
Freebies :
  • Place cards for Presidential Tables
  • 5 Coordinators (1 Events Manager, 1 Church Manager, 1 Reception Manager, 1 Brides Assistant and 1 Staff)
  • RSVP Services (via landline, e-mail and sms services only)

I'm really looking forward to work with them. I'm hoping that they can really help me and make me a stress-free bride on my wedding day.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Filipino Wedding Tradition

These are some of the Philippines wedding traditions and fact that we practice and follow.

  • In the Philippines, the groom/groom's family usually shoulder most of the wedding expenses, but these days most of the couples share expenses instead specially now that we're in great recession. I think more and more couples are being practical.

  • Rice grains is used as confetti after the church ceremony. But it's now being discourage and replaced with flower petals instead.

  • The month of June is known as the wedding month but according to research the month of December until early January is the most popular months for weddings.

  • The couple don't arrive in church at the same time. The groom should always be the first one to be in church and the bride will follow after several minutes. The bride will just stay in the bridal car until it's time for her bridal march.

  • Unlike in other countries, brides in the Philippines prefer to have their wedding gowns custom made than buying 2nd hand or also known as off-the rack gowns.

  • Marrying couples have a few pairs of ninongs & ninangs (godparents) to stand as principal sponsors/witnesses in the ceremony.

  • The couples release a pair of doves as a sign of peaceful and harmonious married life

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Bride that can't stop laughing

This is a very funny video I got from the net. It's an actual ceremony footage taken while the couple were reciting their vows. The bride can't stop laughing when her groom joke around with his vows...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Hair Accent

I collected some hair accent since I started planning my wedding. I was thinking of having a feathery hair pieces. I'm not sure if it will suit my gown or my bridesmaids gowns since I haven't figure out what kind of gown will they wear on D-Day. But I definitely want my bridesmaids to have some hair accent that can follow our motif and goes well with their gown of course. I've been thinking of a vintage of a veil as well.... oh I can't decide....

Here are some of my collected hair accent from the net:

And the vintage veil :

Friday, October 2, 2009

Themed Wedding

6 months to go before our big day.... I'm so excited for our wedding... I have a lot of ideas popping out of my mind but it's not easy to make all of those things possible. As I mentioned in my early post , we're going to have a Black and White wedding themed. It's not very common in the Philippines to have this kind of theme or color motif because Filipino's are known to have many superstitious beliefs and black for instance is not a good luck color especially for weddings, but I don't believe on those things, it's just a color and people don't just rely their destiny on colors hehehe... Well everytime we attend a bridal fair or inquire for a supplier, the usual question they ask is our theme or color motif, and whenever we say Black and White they always have this face of shock or confusion but some people find it unique. These days black and white wedding motif is getting popular but I hope it wouldn't be so popular until my wedding day hehehe...

I've seen a lot and different kinds of wedding theme that are really fun and interesting. Here are some of the Themed Wedding I saw online:


The Couple

With their Entourage

The Couple in Black & White

Star Wars Cake Toppers


Choc-nut Wedding Theme

Couple Caricature for Invites

Choc-nut and Coffee cup Save the Date Cards

Coffee Cup Themed Cake


Beach Wedding Ceremony

Beach Wedding Invitation

Beach Wedding Favors

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