Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dove, Butterfly or Sky Lantern?!?!?

Doves are often used in the Philippines as part of the wedding tradition. Since I was young I've been seeing doves in weddings and most often being chase by someone a to bring home hehehehe.... But a lot of changes happened in the past and there are more alternatives that we can choose from for this particular wedding tradition.

But what does this Dove thing really mean in a weddings?!?!?

White paired doves symbolizes the bride and groom as couples. It is believed that dove choose their life partner and make a commitment forever. White doves are also the symbol of Love, Purity ,Faithfulness, Prosperity and Peace that's why it should always be part of a wedding. When the doves are release, it said that they are starting a whole new life and journey together but not as individual but as a couple instead. But there's also a downside, sometimes doves can be messy... They tend to poop around the place ....

How about Butterfly release?!?!?!?

Butterfly release is getting popular these days in weddings, since doves can be messy I think it's a good alternative. Butterflies are known to elders as "wish keepers" according to American Indian Legend. For your wish to come true, you should catch a butterfly and whisper your wishes to it. As we know butterflies can make no sound so your wishes will be safe with them, it is believe that they can only share your wishes to this great spirit that can make all your wishes come true, like fairy god mother in a fairy tale... It the Philippines it's not very common but getting popular nowadays. But it's a little bit pricey compare to doves.

What about Sky Lantern ?!?!?!

Unique, Luxurious, Beautiful especially when release at night.... I first saw these Sky Lantern release in one of the most awaited secret wedding of Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo last April of this year. Since their wedding was held in a beach this is a good idea and the lantern design followed their wedding theme. The guest can also take part in the sky lantern release by lighting the lanterns. These sky lanterns are the original UK-patented quality. More and more fireworks outlets in the Philippines offer the sky lantern release services.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Search for Pre-nup Venue 3 : McKinley Hill Fort

Tomorrow is Saturday again and Mya took a leave from work since tomorrow is my soon-to-be mother-in-law's birthday and were going to buy a present for her. The original plan was to give her a Pink DS lite ... yes ... DS lite! She's really addicted to it since Carlo (my fiance's baby bro) bought his DS lite and she learned how to play it, she never stop playing it even in the middle of the night. Anyways since were going out again tomorrow with Mya and Chris, I'm sure were going to have another sample pre-nup shoot. But we still don't know where we're going but I'm sure were going to have a fun day again tomorrow!

This is just the continuation of my search for the perfect pre-nup venue. These pictures were taken in McKinley in The Fort, it's actually in one of my fiance's project, as I mentioned in my early post Mya and her boyfriend Chris took these pictures and Mya edited some of it...
Here are the pictures :

Back Shot!

Arm-Forward-Raise Pose

An aware stolen shot! What?!?!?!

Marching Shot with Gwen and Mya

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Wedding HMUA

For soon to be brides I'm sure they are very familiar with this acronym "HMUA" or most commonly known as Hair and Make Up Artist. Last Sunday I attended another bridal fair with my fiance. It was The Philippine Wedding Summit, one of the longest and biggest running bridal fair in the Philippines that was held in PICC.
I've been eying "Make up by: Jeng & Carlan" and I often visit their website. I've seen so many beautiful brides. Their make up is really impressive especially the before and after. It's a good thing that my soon to be sis-in-law Mya will pay for my HMUA as her wedding gift.... Luv yha Mya!!! I'm really a very lucky bride!!!! I finally booked them and my make up artist will be Ms. Jeng Sy.
These HMUA's these days can really cost much money, to think that make-up can only last for a few hours or a day in my case since I availed their "Airbrush" service.
Airbrush is getting popular these days because it doesn't need retouching anymore since it's long lasting and the effect is really different because it has a flawless effect. Traditional make-up tends to grease and show caking after a few hours but not with the airbrush make up.
I wanted to just have a simple fresh look on my wedding day, a simple white eyeshadow will do. I also want to have my hair curled and relaxed half up do.

Here are some of my ideal wedding look (Hair and Make Up) and I hope that Ms.Jeng Sy can make me look like them:

(White Eye-Shadow)


Friday, September 11, 2009

My Wedding Suppliers Update

This is just a quick post.  I still have 7 months to prepare for my wedding , 218 days to be exact as of today.  So far I already booked 5 major suppliers hehehe...  I'm so excited and active in preparing for my wedding.  I'm the kind of person who hates cramming and doing things in the last minutes.  I want everything to be organized.  I know that there's no such thing as a perfect wedding but as much as possible I want it to be at least near to perfect.  Another thing is that we are considering our budget,  it's very important to know your budget and how much  you are willing to spend for your wedding..   Early preparation can also gives you an opportunity to get a lot of discounts and  freebies.  Also by doing this you can get to avail their old prices , as we know prices goes up every year, so if  you booked their product or service this year and they will increase their price for the next year,  you will still pay their old price.   Is'nt it a smart move?!?!? Yes it is!

Here are the list of my contracted wedding suppliers:

Reception Venue :  Oasis Manila Pavillion

Catering :  Lina Vitan Catering 

Photo/Video Coverage :  Smart Shot Studio 

Photo Booth :  Nice Print Studio On Wheel  

Hair and Make up Artist :  Jeng Sy and Carlan Make up Artist 

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Wedding Ring Design

Wedding ring or wedding band symbolizes marriage,  a spouse wears it to indicate marital commitment to fidelity or simply a sign of respect and love for couples.

I can say that I'm a very lucky bride (as well as my groom).   We have a very loving and thoughtful relatives and friends who supports and help  us all the way.  My cousin from Italy (Ate Dulce)  called me the other day for my wedding ring update.  She's going to give us our wedding ring as her wedding present.   I almost forgot our wedding ring thanks to her.   I want our wedding ring to be simple and yet elegant.  A simple two-toned with one stone will do.  I also want my wedding ring to match with my engagement ring.

Here are my wedding design idea:


Monday, September 7, 2009

My Wed-ganizer : ASUS Eeepc 1005ha

I just bought my new ASUS Eeepc 1005ha Pink notebook, my wedding organizer or "wed-ganizer" as I call it. My first "wed-ganizer" was a lil' cute notepad. Since I now have my notebook, I can easily surf and search for new wedding ideas. I can also post more on my wedding blog.
Before I purchased my notebook, I did a lot of researching and comparing of different notebooks. My first choice was HP mini, it looks really stunning and trendy especially the pink one, but the thing is, it also has a lot of bad users reviews. I wouldn't choose design over a poor performance. After all the comparison I decided to buy my Eeepc 1005ha. What I love about this notebook is that , it can really last up to 8 hours with heavy application. It's not very common for a notebook. Not to mention the seashell design is really eye catching.

Unboxing my Pink ASUS Eeepc1005ha

Is it a surprise gift?!?!?!
I'm like super happy that I turned into pink

Look pale and yet excited

There you go.....

Enjoying the free wifi access....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Search for Pre-nup Venue 2 : Bonifacio High Street

We still have 7 months to prepare for our wedding, but we still have no idea where to have our pre-nuptial photo shoot venue. Smart Shot Studio (our official P/V) told us that we should have our pre-nup photo shoot 2 to 3 months before our wedding because they still have to do some editing and they'll have it in an album to be presented on our actual wedding day. Another thing is that it's not only a pre-nup photo shoot but there's also a photo and video presentation to be shown on our reception.
So yesterday we went to Bonifaci0 High Street to check the place. My soon-to-be sister in law "Mya and her boyfriend "Chris" , brought their slr cameras and enjoyed taking our pictures.

Here are some sample of the pictures they took:

This was supposed to be a stolen shot but I was so alert!

The Rain Effect

Caught by a Paparazzi...

It was tiring but a really fun day !

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cupcake Experience

As I mentioned before, I'm planning to have cupcakes as my additional wedding favor since I'm going to have Photo Booth as my main souvenir. Today is Saturday, me and my fiance together with his niece and nephew (Gwen and Eouri) went out. We're here at Blushing Cupcakes Cafe just to have dessert since we just had lunch. We tried variety of their cupcakes and mini cakes.
We tried their Blueberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Glaze and Chocolate Sundae. We loved it.... Here are some of their sample cupcakes pictures:

Friday, September 4, 2009

6 yrs and 8 mos Annimonsary

Today is our 6 years and 8 months anniversary, Annimonsary as we call it since we celebrate it every single month. We don't actually have a big celebration or something, a simple lunch or dinner will do for this special day of ours. I think that in a relationship even small things should not be forgotten or taken for granted just because you've been together for a long time. Couples should always remember and reminisce the things that they enjoyed doing when they were still on their first months or first year together. For me and my fiance these simple things are very important because those are the things that we do in the beginning of our relationship, where our bond started and last this long.

Yesterday I was craving for Wendy's Bacon Mushroom melt, I told my fiance to just celebrate our "Annimonsary" in Wendy's, so here we are having what I was craving for yesterday...

Size "DOES" matter!!!

Here's a funny story, while I was blogging here at Wendy's , we heard a loud noise coming from the glass window, ( by the way we're seated nearby the glass window) . My fiance thought that there's an earthquake but no, there's this poor mid-40's guy with his wife accidentally bump into this glass mirror, it's actually not funny because the guy was hurt and not to mentioned embarrassed bout what happened. We told the crew to put something on the glass door because it's really dangerous especially for elders and kids. Just after the crew put some sign in the glass door, another accident happened in another glass door just a step away from us, but this time it was a kid, around 2-3 years old craweled his way inside the store, poor kid he was crying. Anyways just sharing our experience.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Search for Pre-nup Venue 1: Mall Car Park

I bought my Asus EeePc 1005ha pink notebook yesterday with my fiance, together with his niece "Gwen" , soon to be sis-in-law "Mya" and her boyfriend "Chris". It's Saturday and my fiance also have to go and check one of their projects site, Mya and Chris brought their SLR cameras to take some pictures . So since we have 2 photographers with us we took the opportunity to have a little "photo shoot session" in the car park.

They took a lot of pics,here's a sneak peek:

more pictures to follow... enjoy!

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