Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The proposal

My Pretty Diamond Ring

I've been with my boyfriend (now my fiance) for almost 7 years now. We we're introduced by his sister May 10 years ago. Since then we started to know each other for over 2 years until I finally said Yes (as boyfriend). To make the story short he proposed to me.

It happened in May 8 2009 in a Private beach resort in Boracay (Puka Beach). It was the happiest, the sweetest, the most memorable and the most unexpected thing that happened in my entire life... I'm the kind of person who can smell fishy things easily but unfortunately my fiance won this time.

We have this annual out of town trip every summer with my fiance's bro's and sisses, so this trip is nothing unusual to me (as what I thought) . It's just a little different this year because it was kinda far and not to mention a little pricey because it's was in Boracay. Oh did I mentioned how close my fiance with his brother and 2 sisters? Yes, they are really very close, it's not very common for siblings but these people really enjoy each other company... Back to my story, it was a 3 days 2 nights trip, on our first day we celebrated May's birthday and we really had fun (as always) everybody was so makulit ... while we were having dinner I told them "Masaya to bukas!" and Kuya harvy (My fiance's bro-in-law) said "hindi to masaya bukas.." . What I didn't know is that they've been planning for my proposal for several days already... The next day... there were a lot of clues (according to them ) given by Ate Ivy (my fiance's eldest sis) which I didn't notice (having no idea at all).

In the afternoon everybody decided to go to Puka Beach, which is a private beach resort in boracay and our hotel (Alta Vista de Boracay) provided a free shuttle ride for us. When we got there May said "oh kanya kanya muna tayo..." and everybody went to the right side of the beach while I was being dragged to the left side by my boyfriend/fiance. We we're really far from them, from a far , it looks like they are playing some games, and I was like "what are they doing? punta tayo dun... kala ko ba kanya kanya bat sila magkakasama?" and he was like "don't you want to be with me?" (in a cheesy voice).... What I didn't know is that , they are writing the proposal question for me using a dried seaweeds in the sand... aaaahhhhhyyyyy.... so sweet.... everybody was very busy.... After a few minutes Kuya harvy, Chris (May's bf) and Carlo (Fiance's bro) aprroached us telling us that there was this staff from our hotel who's going to conduct an activity/game for us, being optimistic as I am, I was like "really? ang galing naman ng hotel natin!"

As we go closer to them I saw a video cam set up and May taking a picture of us in her SLR and there this really big writing on the sand that says "Jerese , Will you marry me? " I was really shocked! (you can see it in the video, I'm not even wearing a blush on) and it was like the earth stopped for moment and my hearts starts to beat really fast and I was like shaking and I was like "Totoo ba to? " then he kneeled down on his knees and showed me the ring and ask me to marry him, and I was like "I DO!" instead of yes ... hahaha..... They really pulled it....
Thank's to his ever loyal Bro's and sisses... it wouldn't be possible and this big without their help. Love you guys...


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