Saturday, March 6, 2010

Baby Kobe my stress reliever

My fiance's Uncle gave us an early wedding gift. It's a puppy yey! They gave us a Shih tzu pup and we named him Kobe "kow-bee" since my fiance's favorite athlete is Kobe Bryant. He was only 1 month old when we got him. It's true that puppies shouldn't be apart from their parents or mother's until 2 months, but Kobe's case is different. Unfortunately Kobe's mommy "Twiggie" is seriously sick and baby pups can't go near her. Mommy Twiggie only breast fed her baby pups for a week and the doctor advised the breeder to just have the puppies bottle fed instead since mommy Twiggie is not in a good condition.
Having Kobe is good, especially for me since I've been a little stress for these past few days. We only have a month to go before our big day and just before we had baby Kobe I've been thinking and worrying a lot. But when baby Kobe came things go slowly, I don't worry that much anymore. It's like having a real baby since he's still a baby he can't eat solid food yet. We bought him milk and feeding bottle. We also went to a vet to have him checked by a doctor. The doctor have him "dewormed" and he did some tests and vaccine. It's not easy to take care of a puppy. You should really put time , effort, money and love of course.
Baby Kobe stay's in my fiance's house during the weekdays and my soon to be mother-in-law is so kind to take care of him like a real baby. She even wakes up in the middle of the night just to feed baby Kobe since he should be fed every 3 hours at that time. From Friday to Sunday night Baby Kobe stay with me.
Baby Kobe is now 1 month and 10 days , I can see his development and I'm really enjoying his company. I can also say that my fiance is so supportive of me and I know tha he loves baby Kobe like I do. We are planning to have baby Kobe wear a tuxedo on our wedding day. Of course he should be present in our very special day.
He's like my stress reliever from all the stress I'm having.

Me while watching baby Kobe take a nap

Baby Kobe web cam shot with my fiance

4 weeks and 3 days
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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Preview of our official unedited prenup

Last February 14 we had our prenup with our P&V Smart Shot Studio. Our photographer is Mr. Zandro Quimson. It was a Photo & Video E-session. We really had a great time with their team. They are very professional and I can see that they really know what they're doing. They are also fun to work with, they are very kwela and everything so we never had a problem posing on the camera they made us feel comfortable. We used 3 sets of clothes for this shoot so it was kinda tiring but fun at the same time.

We already received the pictures and we should choose pictures to be use for our guest book, avp, tarpaulin and TY cards but we have too many pictures to choose from so we are having a hard time choosing because they all look great!

So here are just some of our pictures taken in Intramuros, (Balluarte de San Andres and Puerta Real):

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Expressing yourself "Freely" by blogging

Blogging is a way for anyone to express themselves freely. It can be in any form especially if it's a personal blog. Blogging is also the best way to advertise and to be advertised by others for free in terms of being reviewed, it can be a specific product or services provided by a particular suppliers. Even big establishments and companies are being reviewed by their clients and clients-to-be. Having a personal blog can serve as a diary or an online organizer by the owner where in she can write her experiences freely for her to see her accomplishments ( wedding in our case ) while in the process of her preparation and no one can tell her what not to write.
In my case I'm using my blog for my upcoming wedding. I'm really enjoying it and I don't care what others think of it (yes, I'm nonchalant about it). As long as I'm happy of what I'm doing I will continue to write. I will continue to write my experiences and share my personal opinions here in my blog and if anyone will try to tell me what to do, I have all the time in the world to write back, over and over (It can be good or bad) and I don't have anything to worry about since I don't have a name or a business to be reviewed by anyone I'm just a "blogger wannabe" right ?!?!? HAHAHAHA!!! and like what I've said anyone can express themselves freely by blogging...

Who knows it can be the start of a never ending blogging experience for you, for me, for everybody.... hihihihihihihi!!!

By : the BITCH-BRIDE-TO-BE ayt! hehehehe.....

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