Friday, July 31, 2009

Ideal Wedding Hair Style

Brides should be the most beautiful girl on her wedding day. That's why despite of all the problems and stress you've been through in preparing your wedding, the bride should still find time to pamper herself once in a while. There's a lot of things to consider to be beautiful on your wedding day and one of the most important thing is your hair.

There's a lot of wedding hair styles you can choose from, you should also consider your face shape, hair color and even the style of your gown (gown's neckline) , that will suit your hair style. It can be an Relax Updo hairstyle, Straight Hairstyle, Curly Loose Hairstyle, Half updo hairstyle and more. You can also add some hair accessories to make it more stylish.. Just remember to have your hair treatment at least once a month before your big day...





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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Ideal Honeymoon Destination

I know that it's too early to think about our honeymoon destination, but if you come to think of it, it's also necessary to prepare and discussed it with your H2B (husband-to-be) while preparing for the wedding. You have to plan ahead of time weather you want your honeymoon trip just around the country or abroad. Usually early booking offers big discounts, so I think that it's better to include your honeymoon trip expenses to your wedding budget. You should also set a specific budget and decide on how much you are willing to spend on it, after all it'll be your first trip as husband and wife. If we are lucky enough some sponsors might provide for our wedding trip. hihihihi!!!

So here are my Ideal Honeymoon Destination:

Hong Kong Disneyland





Monday, July 27, 2009

Our Wedding Photos and Video Supplier : Smart Shot Studio

We attended a bridal fair last Saturday. It was The Philippine Wedding Congress 2010 Asia held in Mega trade hall in Mega mall. The original plan was to book for our wedding coordinator or for a photo booth souvenir, but instead we booked for our wedding Photos and Video. Actually our first choice for our wedding P/V was Nice Print Photography , but after researching I found out the they received a lot of complaints and bad reviews from their clients, so that made me think twice. Even we're on a tight budget, we wouldn't risk our wedding pictures cause it's going to be our remembrance from the most special event of our life.

So I searched again for our wedding P/V. I've been eying Smart Shot Studio since then, but their kinda pricey and I had to discuss it first with my fiance. After telling him what I found out about our first choice for P/V, I convinced him to get Smart Shot Studio instead.

Our AE is Ms. Rea she's nice and gave us a lot of freebies, at first she doesn't want to give us the Same-Day-Edit , this is an edited video from the morning preparation of the bride and groom in the hotel up to the actual church wedding which can be really expensive, but the guests can watch it in the reception, but since we told her that if she'll give us the same-day-edit we're going to booked them right away. And also instead of having a Pre-nuptial pictures only we made her give us a Photo and Video pre-nup hihihi! (we're really good in haggling). Fimally after a very long discussion and forcing our AE to give us more freebies , we booked them and blocked the date.

I really hope that our wedding pictures will turn out OK and I'm hoping that we will never have a problem with Smart shot studio or else hihihi! Anyways I told them that I'm a blogger..

Here's our pictures in the Bridal Fair:

ID that we used to enter the Fair

My Fiance discussing the contract with Ms. Rea our AE

Me with Ms. Rea striking a pose

Me in the raffle booth
My fiance

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our Caterer : Lina Vitan Catering

Food Tasting is an event covered by caterers where in soon-to-wed couples are invited to try their dishes and to see their set-up and packages for your special event. Food tasting are often free but couple should register first because it's usually a reserved seat and an AE (Account Executive ) will assist you and explain about the packages that they offer.

When we had our first ever food tasting with Lina Vitan Catering, it wasn't really a scheduled appointment. We actually went to Oasis to pay and reserve for our wedding venue which will also take place in Oasis Pavillion. Fortunately, there was a food tasting event when we went there and our AE told us that we can attend the food tasting since it's for free. So I was like why not anyway it was Sunday and we don't have any plans on that day.

So we went to the event where in, we saw their wedding set-up and it was really nice. A Lina Vitan AE came to us and discussed their packages. Their packages includes, bridal, car, wedding cake, bubble machine, fresh flowers for the set up and she also offered me a lot of freebies. We also tried their dishes, I thought that we only get to eat a small amount for every dish but it's actually like attending a real wedding and it was a buffet set-up meal. Unfortunately we just had our lunch before we went there but we don't want to miss the opportunity (free food hehehe!)

By the way after a lot of discussion with my fiance and comparison with other caterers we decided to booked Lina Vitan Catering for our wedding. Our AE is Ryan. He is also the Head marketing manager of Lina Vitan. He also gave us a lot freebies and he's nice and easy to talk with.

Here are some of our pictures taken in Lina Vitan Catering food tasting trip:

Appetizer: Tomato & Cream Cheese Bruschetta

Dessert Bar: Creme Puff, Buko Pandan in Martini Glass, Mango and Mini Pearl Cream in Wine Glass, Banana Cake, Cheese Cake and more... YUMMY!

Wedding Cakes : These are also included on their wedding packages

Table Set-up

Round Table For the Guests

Long Table For the First & Secondary Sponsors

Table Set-up for the Bride and Groom

Me in the buffet.....

Me with my Fiance. Yummy!

My soon to be sis-in-law Ate Ivy enjoying the Dessert Bar

Me and my Fiance in the Red Carpet

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Our Reception Venue : The Oasis Pavillion

(It's me, this was taken when we made the down payment for the Pavillion)

I just wanna share my first wedding accomplishment. We already booked and made the 50% payment for our reception venue that will take place in Oasis Pavillion . It's my first choice for my reception, when we went there to ask for the availability of the date, I didn't expect that most of the dates for 2010 are already booked, I remember telling my fiance that if we're not going to have our reception in Oasis I will really feel bad. When we finally set our wedding date which is April 16, 2010 we immediately called Ana (our AE) to booked the said date, but she told me that someone already pencil booked that date and will just call us again to confirm the first couple if they're going to pursue the date, luckily they said no and we paid the down payment and blocked the date right away, I was relieved because I really like the place. Actually my soon to be "Father-in-law" (hehehe...) liked Gazebo Royale at first, because we attended one of our friend's wedding there and he was one of the "Ninongs" (Sponsor). The is place is nice but I find it not so spacious for 150-200 guests. When we visited the Oasis Pavillion I fell in love with the place right away, it's really spacious and it can accommodate up to 450 guests. They also have a raised stage for your band or performers, cooling mists and a stylish draping that can compliment our theme . They also have an ample parking for the guests. The couple can also use their bridal suite for 5 hours. Our AE is Ana Macahilig, she's really nice and easy to talk to.

Here are the pictures my soon to be sis-in-law took when we went there:

The Oasis Pavillion Daytime

Oasis Pavillion Garden at Night

Inside the Pavillion

The Pond

The Garden

The Stylish Draping

The Parking Space

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