Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wedding Souvenir : Photo Booth

I've been thinking about what kind of souvenir should I give my guest on my wedding. I remember then, whenever I attend a wedding I often take home souvenirs made of glass figurine, native stuff of pictures of me that I should pay after the reception. But these souvenirs don't last for long and often taken for granted.

These days there's a variety of souvenirs we can choose from for our guest to enjoy. Since I've been attending bridal fairs I've seen a lot of photo booths where in you can have your pictures developed in just a snap. pictures serves as your souvenir where in guest can take it home with paper frame and printed name or pictures of the couples. There's also some photo booths with props that your guest can use for more enjoyable picture taking. Everybody can enjoy these souvenirs and it's unlimited and free. But it's kinda pricey, depending on the number of hours you wish to rent it, luckily my ever gorgeous Tita Bheng will provide us this souvenir as her gift to us, Thanks Tita Bheng love yha!

Here are some of our free photo booths pictures form the bridal fairs that we attended:

(Together with May and Chris our support group)

We really enjoyed it and I'm sure our guest will definitely have fun with it on our wedding day.


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