Friday, July 17, 2009

Our Reception Venue : The Oasis Pavillion

(It's me, this was taken when we made the down payment for the Pavillion)

I just wanna share my first wedding accomplishment. We already booked and made the 50% payment for our reception venue that will take place in Oasis Pavillion . It's my first choice for my reception, when we went there to ask for the availability of the date, I didn't expect that most of the dates for 2010 are already booked, I remember telling my fiance that if we're not going to have our reception in Oasis I will really feel bad. When we finally set our wedding date which is April 16, 2010 we immediately called Ana (our AE) to booked the said date, but she told me that someone already pencil booked that date and will just call us again to confirm the first couple if they're going to pursue the date, luckily they said no and we paid the down payment and blocked the date right away, I was relieved because I really like the place. Actually my soon to be "Father-in-law" (hehehe...) liked Gazebo Royale at first, because we attended one of our friend's wedding there and he was one of the "Ninongs" (Sponsor). The is place is nice but I find it not so spacious for 150-200 guests. When we visited the Oasis Pavillion I fell in love with the place right away, it's really spacious and it can accommodate up to 450 guests. They also have a raised stage for your band or performers, cooling mists and a stylish draping that can compliment our theme . They also have an ample parking for the guests. The couple can also use their bridal suite for 5 hours. Our AE is Ana Macahilig, she's really nice and easy to talk to.

Here are the pictures my soon to be sis-in-law took when we went there:

The Oasis Pavillion Daytime

Oasis Pavillion Garden at Night

Inside the Pavillion

The Pond

The Garden

The Stylish Draping

The Parking Space


Anonymous said...

This is a nice place for a wedding

tambride013010 said...

Beautiful location!

aybi said...

awesome place, no wonder you chose this one!

perfect bound said...

Hi and Congrats! I love that you snapped photos of the parking spots. Very important for your This looks like a lovely place to have a wedding. I'm thrilled for you. Thanks for following Perfect Bound. Can't wait to see more of your wedding details unfold.

Johnny Ong said...

happy to cover yr event as a blogger on that wonderful day of yrs

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