Monday, July 27, 2009

Our Wedding Photos and Video Supplier : Smart Shot Studio

We attended a bridal fair last Saturday. It was The Philippine Wedding Congress 2010 Asia held in Mega trade hall in Mega mall. The original plan was to book for our wedding coordinator or for a photo booth souvenir, but instead we booked for our wedding Photos and Video. Actually our first choice for our wedding P/V was Nice Print Photography , but after researching I found out the they received a lot of complaints and bad reviews from their clients, so that made me think twice. Even we're on a tight budget, we wouldn't risk our wedding pictures cause it's going to be our remembrance from the most special event of our life.

So I searched again for our wedding P/V. I've been eying Smart Shot Studio since then, but their kinda pricey and I had to discuss it first with my fiance. After telling him what I found out about our first choice for P/V, I convinced him to get Smart Shot Studio instead.

Our AE is Ms. Rea she's nice and gave us a lot of freebies, at first she doesn't want to give us the Same-Day-Edit , this is an edited video from the morning preparation of the bride and groom in the hotel up to the actual church wedding which can be really expensive, but the guests can watch it in the reception, but since we told her that if she'll give us the same-day-edit we're going to booked them right away. And also instead of having a Pre-nuptial pictures only we made her give us a Photo and Video pre-nup hihihi! (we're really good in haggling). Fimally after a very long discussion and forcing our AE to give us more freebies , we booked them and blocked the date.

I really hope that our wedding pictures will turn out OK and I'm hoping that we will never have a problem with Smart shot studio or else hihihi! Anyways I told them that I'm a blogger..

Here's our pictures in the Bridal Fair:

ID that we used to enter the Fair

My Fiance discussing the contract with Ms. Rea our AE

Me with Ms. Rea striking a pose

Me in the raffle booth
My fiance


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