Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pamamanhikan : Climbing of Love

"Pamamanhikan" or Climbing of Love is a Philippine tradition. The word Pamamanhikan was derived from the word "panik " meaning to climb a house's flight of stairs. It's a formal seeking of blessing and approval before getting married. The guy's family goes to the house of the woman he loves to meet up with her family for a formal proposal of marriage. The guy with his family ask for the blessing of the woman's parents to marry their daughter. Normally the guy's family bring some food or gifts. This is also the time where both family discussed all the wedding details.

I've experienced this culture just recently. My boyfriend then (now my fiance) went on a "Pamamanhikan" in our house in Bulacan. It was exactly 2 weeks after he proposed. We don't have any idea how this tradition go, since I'm the first one to have this "Pamamanhikan" thing in our family and same with my fiance since he's the eldest guy. Anyways , there was some kind of awkardness at first but I think it's just normal but it didn't last for long, because my fiance's father is a natural comedian so things goes smoothly, afterwards we had dinner together and picture taking.

Here are some of our Pamamanhikan pics:


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