Monday, July 13, 2009

The Wedding Reception

I've been to a lot of weddings already, as in a lot... We are often invited and sometimes we're not even invited (hehehe... wedding crashers!). So I can tell the difference of each venues from one another. Since I love weddings, and of course I want my wedding to be close to perfect (if possible) , I always observed closely to every wedding I attend.


Having your reception in a restaurant is very affordable and convenient. You don't need to pay for a separate caterer since it's included on their package. There's also a variety of restaurant you can choose from and it's not too hard to reserve compare to other reception establishments. But since you are on budget, don't expect too much just make the event fun and enjoyable for everybody.


Elegant, air conditioned, the service is good, you can even have your wedding preparation suite in the same hotel because it can be included from the package. But not for me I think, having a reception in a hotel gives you limited activities to do. Most of the hotel reception venues doesn't have enough space for games and dancing. Also, having a buffet set up is not a good idea because guests tends to get crowded, if your planning to have your wedding reception in a hotel, it's better to have a sit down lunch or dinner set-up instead.


This is where I want my wedding reception to take place. Since most of INC's and Catholics are not allowed to have a garden wedding, a garden reception is the best alternative. A lot of garden venues are spacious, covered , it can be air conditioned, and some uses a cooling mist. Most of them are beautifully landscaped , decorated and offers a variety of their accredited caterers. Most of these venues also offers bridal suites which you can use for a day. It's also very spacious and you can do a lot of activities here. You can also take pictures around the venue, since it's a garden, you can take advantage of the place.
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