Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Big Bridal Fair

Perfect Begginings Year 6

I attended this bridal fair last June14 2009 at World Trade Center. Actually it was my first time to be in World Trade Center since I'm residing in Valenzuela City and my office is located in Mandaluyong. Anyways, it was one of the biggest bridal fair I've been to, there was a lot of suppliers present in this event.

Edible souvenirs , save the date, and invites are getting popular these days. I've seen a lot and tried some of the chocolate samples in this fair.

Here are some pics for edible invites and souvenir:

Tott Gift Shoppe

Chocolate Affair

SanFo Treats

There was also some Designers and Couturier with their sample gowns, and I can say that they are really beautiful but a bit pricey. Here are the pics:

Frederick Peralta
Say no more it's Frederick P.

Michelle V. Lim
She really has a taste, very elegant designs.

Regine Tolentino
She's really good in fashion, her designs are modern and really unique. I know that she's a designer butI didn't know that she design wedding gowns as well.

Joel Bautista

(This picture has a story, my soon to be sister-in-law May was taking picture of everything in the fair like anybody else, while I was talking to this gay designer he noticed May taking picture of his so precious gowns, and he was like "Ay pinicturan mo? Bawal..." and to think he's not as popular as Michelle Lim and Frederick Peralta (who didn't care about being taken pictures) to act that way, and his designs are not so pretty noh! If he doesn't want his designs to be taken pictures he shouldn't display it there in the first place , he shoud have brought pictures instead...) (The guy in the pic is just his assistant)

There's also this wedding singers who performed on stage. They are really good and they really can make the reception or the ceremony fun and memorable. (But I forgot the band name sowee...)

There was also some kind of bridal car bidding it was a vintage car and the bidding starts from 5000 only and I think nobody bid hehehehe..... Because there was this announcement "for interested people just talk to the management" hehehehe... But the car was nice but not the interior it's really kinda luma and not so tidy sa loob but still it's good in pictures.

It was a fun fair there was also a lot of free photo booth pictures, catering, coordinator services etc. Here are our pictures roaming around the fair.

Me and my fiance together with Gwen my fiance's niece

Chris the one in blue shirt (May bf one of our supporter hehehe)

Me again and my fiance while waiting for the performers to sing on stage.

Me while talking with Ms. Cel Sabile, she's a make-up artist but I wasn't able to have her trial make-up (sayang) she seems nice .
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