Monday, September 7, 2009

My Wed-ganizer : ASUS Eeepc 1005ha

I just bought my new ASUS Eeepc 1005ha Pink notebook, my wedding organizer or "wed-ganizer" as I call it. My first "wed-ganizer" was a lil' cute notepad. Since I now have my notebook, I can easily surf and search for new wedding ideas. I can also post more on my wedding blog.
Before I purchased my notebook, I did a lot of researching and comparing of different notebooks. My first choice was HP mini, it looks really stunning and trendy especially the pink one, but the thing is, it also has a lot of bad users reviews. I wouldn't choose design over a poor performance. After all the comparison I decided to buy my Eeepc 1005ha. What I love about this notebook is that , it can really last up to 8 hours with heavy application. It's not very common for a notebook. Not to mention the seashell design is really eye catching.

Unboxing my Pink ASUS Eeepc1005ha

Is it a surprise gift?!?!?!
I'm like super happy that I turned into pink

Look pale and yet excited

There you go.....

Enjoying the free wifi access....


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