Friday, September 4, 2009

6 yrs and 8 mos Annimonsary

Today is our 6 years and 8 months anniversary, Annimonsary as we call it since we celebrate it every single month. We don't actually have a big celebration or something, a simple lunch or dinner will do for this special day of ours. I think that in a relationship even small things should not be forgotten or taken for granted just because you've been together for a long time. Couples should always remember and reminisce the things that they enjoyed doing when they were still on their first months or first year together. For me and my fiance these simple things are very important because those are the things that we do in the beginning of our relationship, where our bond started and last this long.

Yesterday I was craving for Wendy's Bacon Mushroom melt, I told my fiance to just celebrate our "Annimonsary" in Wendy's, so here we are having what I was craving for yesterday...

Size "DOES" matter!!!

Here's a funny story, while I was blogging here at Wendy's , we heard a loud noise coming from the glass window, ( by the way we're seated nearby the glass window) . My fiance thought that there's an earthquake but no, there's this poor mid-40's guy with his wife accidentally bump into this glass mirror, it's actually not funny because the guy was hurt and not to mentioned embarrassed bout what happened. We told the crew to put something on the glass door because it's really dangerous especially for elders and kids. Just after the crew put some sign in the glass door, another accident happened in another glass door just a step away from us, but this time it was a kid, around 2-3 years old craweled his way inside the store, poor kid he was crying. Anyways just sharing our experience.


U.Pink said...

wow! congrats sa annimonsary.. tama ba spelling? hehe..

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