Saturday, October 24, 2009

Filipino Wedding Tradition

These are some of the Philippines wedding traditions and fact that we practice and follow.

  • In the Philippines, the groom/groom's family usually shoulder most of the wedding expenses, but these days most of the couples share expenses instead specially now that we're in great recession. I think more and more couples are being practical.

  • Rice grains is used as confetti after the church ceremony. But it's now being discourage and replaced with flower petals instead.

  • The month of June is known as the wedding month but according to research the month of December until early January is the most popular months for weddings.

  • The couple don't arrive in church at the same time. The groom should always be the first one to be in church and the bride will follow after several minutes. The bride will just stay in the bridal car until it's time for her bridal march.

  • Unlike in other countries, brides in the Philippines prefer to have their wedding gowns custom made than buying 2nd hand or also known as off-the rack gowns.

  • Marrying couples have a few pairs of ninongs & ninangs (godparents) to stand as principal sponsors/witnesses in the ceremony.

  • The couples release a pair of doves as a sign of peaceful and harmonious married life


Mrs. Kolca said...

we followed the first three of these traditions :D yeah, only the first three :D

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