Monday, August 31, 2009

My Ideal Black and White Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes can really make a wedding more glamorous. The bigger the cake the better for some couples, but not for us. I noticed that every time I attend a wedding I often see big beautiful wedding cakes, but they don't always serve it to the guests since there's a separate dessert table for us. Only the newly -wed couples get to taste the pretty, yummy looking cake. These beautiful wedding cakes cost a lot of money, so for me I think a simple fondant cake will do. In our case, our official caterer "Lina Vitan Catering" will provide us a 3 layered fondant cake, but we still have to decide on our wedding cake design.

So here are some of our wedding cake design ideas:

Which design do you think I should choose?


Ms. Marie said...

ooh those are all great cake ideas! i like the second from the bottom the best.

btw. where do you get all these great pictures? im planning a wedding too! and i need ideas. thanks!

U.Pink said...

ish, i love the 1st and the 3rd cake.. so, are really going for a black and white motif? cool! :D

Johnny Ong said...

wow, u really do have the luxury of time on yr side to even choose a design for yr wedding cake

Ish Diamante said...

@ Ms. Marie - Yeah I liked that too, very simple and yet elegant, I just got the pictures in the net.

@ U.Pink - Hi Cindy gurl, yha I'm really going to have a Black and White wedding theme thanks for dropping by, mishu!

@ Jonny Ong - Thanks for dropping by my blog, you also have a great blog!

yme said...

Hi Sis! Saw your visit to my blogsite! Thanks! I'm excited that we both have the same theme! Love love the cakes! I'll share some of my finds soon!

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