Friday, August 14, 2009

Invitation Request Idea

I love receiving wedding invites. I always get excited when someone I know is getting married especially when I'm invited because I get to be part and witness the most memorable day of their life. You can also get to know the wedding theme , color motif, and wedding details on their invitation. These days, number of reserved seats for guests is very common because in the Philippines RSVP is often neglected .

As we know we are now facing financial crisis, so most of the newly wed prefer to receive monetary gifts instead, I have this kind of poem I got from the net that I'm planning to include in our Wedding Invitation. It's a kind of a delicate request but I'm sure the guests will understand.

Our Treasure Chest

To save you from looking, shopping & buying
Here's an idea we hope you'll like trying

As we have most of the little things we require,

The gift of money for the bigger things is what we desire..

Place your card in our "TREASURE CHEST"
And we will buy for what is best

A delicate request it is,
We hope you understand.

If you decide to play along,
It will give our new life a hand.

But most importantly we would request,
That you'll turn up as our wedding guest!


kiran said...

You are beautiful
show the pic of your Boy friend
Posts more topics about him

Duni said...

Awww..that is really a nice way to let your guests know. It must be so exciting for you preparing for your wedding. I wish you joy and pleasure in all your wedding plans :)

best wishes,


Nilz said...

The words are really nice to read.

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