Thursday, July 2, 2009

Marriage : Things to consider in getting married

Are you sure you're ready to get married?


Are you willing to give up your fun, free and exciting single life?
* Single life is really fun, you can do anything that you want to do and nobody can stop you, you're free as an eagle. Are you sure you can give up this?

Are you willing to do things with your soon to be wife/husband?

* If you are single you often go out with your friends, enjoying a movie chilling out in a coffee shop or just hanging out in one of your friends house. Are y ou willing to give up this?

Are you willing to prioritize your family not thinking only about yourself like when you are single?
* You are going to have a major lifestyle change. Are you sure you can give up you precious lifestyle?


Of course nobody wants to depend to your immediate family or even closest friends in times of trouble especially when it comes to “money matter” So the couple should talk about financial issues to know if you both are ready to get married.

*Are you stable enough to build a family of your own?

*Do you have a stable job and income to have a family?


Marriage is not only about you and your spouse. Sooner or later your going to have children. It's your responsibility to give your family shelter, clothing, education, discipline and also love. Are you responsible enough?


Are you ready to be a parent? Sure you love kids and everything , but parenting is different. For first time parents, you'll be needing a lot of adjustments (especially for women).

* Are you ready to breastfeed you baby every 4 hours?

* Are you ready to change diaper every now and then? (Do you even know how to?)

* Are ready to hear a crying baby all the time?

*Are you ready to wake up in the middle of the night to make your baby go back to sleep.



Are you ready to plan for your future? Or you're still stuck in your own little world enjoying your single life?
Planning Involves:

* Preparing for the wedding.

* House for your family to live in.

* Finances

* Sharing of household chores

* Number of kids to have.


Let's say that you are Willing, Stable , Responsible, Ready to have children and you have a plan, but are you sure you're in love with the person you want to get married with?
Ask yourself:

* Are you in love with your partner?

*Will you accept your partner not only for the good things that he/she have but also for his/her shortcomings?

* Would you like your partner to be the first person to see everyday?

* Will you still love your partner whether he/she get fatter and older?

* Can you see your future with your partner and share the rest of your life with each other?

If you think that you have all what it takes to have a family of your own, don't waste time and ask you partner to get married.

"As long as God is the center of your relationship everything will be alright."


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