Monday, January 4, 2010

Things to do for my wedding ...

I already mentioned in my other post that I already accomplished almost half of my wedding preparation but I still have a lot of things to do...
So here are the list of the things that I have accomplished and things to be done soon. ..

Things I've accomplished:

Church - INC Locale of Cubao
Reception Venue - The Oasis Pavillion
Catering - Lina Vitan Catering Services
Photo & Video - Smart Shot Studio
Hair and Make-up Artist - Makeup by: Jeng Sy
Photo Booth - Nice Print: Studio on Wheels
Wedding Ring - From Italy: Courtesy of my Cousin Ate Dulce
Wedding Coordinator - Your Events Coordination
Souvenirs for Sponsor's - Landmark

Things to be Accomplish soon:

Invitation - We have the layout design already we just have to discuss it with A and buy necessary materials

Documents -Legal documents, like marriage license and papers needed for the church

List of Sponsors - We need to complete the names of the primary and secondary sponsors for our invitation .

Entourage gown - We already have the materials needed for the their gowns but we still have to check it with the dressmaker who is also my fiance's aunt.

Bridal Gown - I already talk to my designer about my gown design and we'll start the measurements on February.

For little one's - Buy gowns and suits for the flower girls and ring bearer

Groomsmen - Decide on the groomsen's attire (The only job for my fiance)

Backdrop for photobooth - Ask Mya to do the design for the photobooth backdrop

Music - Make the compilation of songs /music on CD to be use for the reception: entrance, first dance, games & dinner background music. Buy blank CD's

HMUA - Send my HMUA an e-mail about my preferred hair and make up for my wedding day

Entertainment - Ask Ate Ivy about the band that will perform

Cupcakes - Inquire abount the cupcakes prices in Blushing Cupcakes courtesy of my fiance's uncle and aunt .

Meetings :

Catering - Final food tasting will be on the first week of Febuary

Photo & Video - Meeting on February for our pre-nuptial shoot. We still don't have location for our pre-nup.

Coordinator - I really have to meet my wedding coordinator Hencel so she could help me with my preparation, anyway I only got her on-the-day coortination services but it covers 2 months of preparation so she can still assist me. I have to set a meeting with her at the end of January

Designer - She'll take my measurements on February but I'm planning to meet her on the last week of January because I'm going to be really busy on February for sure.

Invitation - Meet Anthony one of my fiance's bestfriend who is also a web designer who promised to make our invitation and buy the materials as well.

Primary sponsors - Visit our primary sponsors.

Ahhhh!!!!!!!!! To many things to do so little time... I'm sure there's still things I forgot to put here but I guess I'll just figure it out eventually


Mrs. Kolca said...

kaya mo yan girl.. breathe.. relax..^^

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