Friday, January 22, 2010

Marriage License: Family planning seminar experience

We only have 3 months left to prepare for our wedding and we haven't filed for our marriage license yet. So last Tuesday we decided to file for it. To get a marriage license couples should first attend a family seminar in the city hall where either one of the couple is residing. It only took us almost 2 hours because there were a lot of couples who came in late. So when were finally complete we were ask to come inside the room per couple because they have to ask each pair some confidential questions like, if you are living together, if your pregnant at the moment or already have children and where you plan to live after getting married. Even the place where you are planning to get married is part of the questions that couples should answer.
So to make the story short the seminar began after the long wait. We first discussed things about documents , from the marriage license, marriage contract up to your soon to be children birth certificate which is I think very informative and helpful.

After about 20 minutes of NSO discussion , a woman about 40 to 45 years of age entered the room, and told us that she will be discussing family planning. She looks scary at first , but after introducing herself she began to discussed sensitive issues about human anatomy. Woman and men reproductive system to be exact. It was fun though . There were a lot of laughing and naughty thoughts from the couples. She also discussed, different kinds of contraceptives that can be use by the couples. It was a really great experience. So after 10 to 11 working days, we can get our marriage license yey!!!


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