Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Actual same-day edit of Kris and Flords

Same-day-edit video is an additional/extra service that P/V service provides. In our case we got our same-day-edit video for free, it's actually not included in the package that we took but since we booked them in a bridal fair they gave us a lot of freebies and discounts. It actually cost a lot so we're lucky that we have it for free.

Same-day-edit video or also known as onsite video is an edited video of what happen from the bride and groom preparation , to the church or the actual ceremony up to the reception. These are actually the highlights and we can also say the best thing that happened from the morning preparation until the reception. These videos are often being shown to the guest while their having the meal. It's very entertaining for the guests especially when they see theirselves on the big screen.


**"Liza"** said...

Nice blog you have here..Anyway Im having some GIVEAWAY at my blog check it out if you like..

Blissful Weddings said...

nice video. congratulations to you and your husband.

Care to share who are your wedding suppliers?


Ish D said...

@ Liza : Thanks for visiting my blog, I'll check the giveaways on your blog TC!

Ish D said...

@ blissful wedding: Hi! this video is not our wedding it's actually our friends wedding last Nov. 30, their P/V is East Digital . thanks for visiting my blog!

Glampinoy said...

Hello, good luck to all your plans.

Thanks for visiting my site. I really appreciate it.

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