Friday, November 6, 2009

Vest For My Groomsmen

My original plan is to have my groomsmen wear a suit since I want them to be really formal. But considering the weather on our wedding day which is actually summer season in the Philippines, I can imagine them sweating and feeling uncomfortable because of their suits, so I had a change of heart. But I don't want them to wear the usual "Barong" that most of the groomsmen wear because it's very typical and will definitely not compliment my motif which is Black and White. So I decided to just have them wear a black vest match with a white long sleeves and I also want them, to have a uniformed black and white stripped slim tie if possible. I think they will all look good and more comfortable with a vest. It's also a good thing because I want my groom to be the only one to wear a suit or tuxedo so there will be a distinction, anyways he's the highlight of this event of course next to me hehehe....
Some might say that the groomsmen might look like a waiter or an usherette in a movie theater, but as for me if they know how to bring themselves not to look like one it's impossible to be one. Anyways I'm the bride, this is my wedding, I know what's best for my wedding , and I'll do it my way.
(TRANSLATION: I'm the bride of my GROOM, this is OUR wedding , We know what's best for OUR wedding, and WE will do it our way. hehehehe)

Just an idea on how they should wear the vest :


mamalira said...

Hi, just watched the wedding proposal video on your sidebar. Wow! That was one of the best proposals I've seen, better than mine. How sweet! Wish you both good luck!

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