Thursday, December 10, 2009

Unique Invitation Wordings

We only have less than 4 months to prepare for our wedding. I've accomplished most of the important details but we still haven't figure out what kind of invitation we're going to have. We are planning to make a DIY invitation , since one of my fiance's friend "Anthony" who is also one of our groomsmen promised us to make our wedding invitation as his gift for us. But we will still give him an idea on how we want our invitation to be. I'm thinking of a simple but fun and unique invitation design and wordings.
So here are some ideas I saw in the net :


Mrs. Kolca said...

the skeletons are funny! haha.

Angel said...

Lol.. Love this.. I think it's not only different and catchy but will be remembered more compared to the conventional ones.. :)

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